My beginning.

My name is Lisa Hunt and I am a plant based foodie! I am 26 and married to my handsome hubby Destry. I grew up in very rural East Texas and moved to sunny California at the age of 14. I spent most of my life eating a junk food diet until I had my major shift towards health at the age of 18.

Since then, I have become a health and wellness guru with an emphasis on enjoying and creating great tasting health foods! My shift towards health came about through self education and the study of Dr. Max Gerson’s work with diseased patients.

It is a huge part of what I try to share with others. I have fallen in love with health and I see myself continuing to bloom since I found it!

Lisa Hunt

What makes me tick.

I have a true love for anything green and find myself climbing mountains, hiking, camping, and exploring this beautiful world as often as time permits. I also enjoy art and occasionally draw and paint still life portraits. If I’m not working or outdoors I’m probably in the kitchen experimenting like a mad food scientist! I love to read books and watch health documentaries. I love to travel and learn about other cultures. (Especially their food!) My spirituality is a huge part of my lifestyle and moral obligation. I am LDS and give credit to it’s teachings about diet and lifestyle that have helped me become happy and healthy!

My cooking.

I eat a plant based diet that mostly excludes soy, corn, processed foods, salt, refined sugar, refined grains, and preservatives.  It is my true belief that food is medicine. I believe that it was created specifically to heal the body and remove the cause of diseases if used in a whole food plant based diet approach. I try to keep it as close to nature as possible while not sacrificing flavor or experience!

My work.

After being disappointed by Western medicines “pill for every ill” approach, I decided to go with my heart and drop out of the registered nursing program and go with I know to be the true avenue of healing. I decided to share with the world what I treasure most by starting my very own health food company and online presence. My first goal was to start with a unique and healthy protein/meal replacement shake that I have been making for myself for years, and then continue to expand with my tasty creations until I establish a full fledged health food company. I started my company FedUp Foods in 2015 and launched my first product line Powerootz Superfood Shakes that same year. My goal is to love what I do and know that there’s at least one company out there that people can trust to put health before profit! I am so happy doing what I do best and hope to continue to share my take on healthy creations with the world!