Vegan Protein Pumpkin Pie

"Turn a delicious holiday cheat into a protein powerhouse" Oh that pumpkin spice that makes the holidays so nice...For me pumpkin pie is the cornerstone of every Thanksgiving.  This year [...]

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Vegan Banana Creme Protein Pie

Vegan Banana Creme Protein Pie Oh man...Vegan banana creme protein pie...There's nothing like a cold slice of old fashioned banana creme pie.  That's why I went on a mission to [...]

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OMG Vegan Protein Burger Recipe

Finally! A vegan protein burger that doesn't fall apart and tastes like heaven. Protein burgers are officially the best thing that ever happened to food!

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5 Awesome Recipes For A Successful Vegan Thanksgiving

These 5 dishes are a super easy cheat for the perfect vegan Thanksgiving! A complete and easy recipe guide for the best tasting vegan thanksgiving ever!

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5 Life Saving Tips For The Traveling Vegan

Have you ever been traveling and realized that you are in a pinch to find something healthy and vegan to eat? I recently returned from a trip to Southern Utah and was inspired to share how my husband and I survived being vegan and being on the road in cattle country.

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